On a phone or tablet

The best way to listen to us on your phone or tablet is by using the Zeno app - it's free. 

For Android phones and tablets you can get it from Google Play here


For Iphones and Ipads you can get it from the Apple Store here 

When it's installed first click on 'Explorer' on the bottom bar:

On your Amazon device with Alexa 


Just say this phrase - "Alexa enable Waddesdon Village Radio" (If Alexa doesn't respond then manually enable the skill here by clicking on 'Enable Skill'. 


Then every time you want to listen to us say "Alexa, play Waddesdon Village Radio"

Side Note: We all know that 'Waddesdon' is correctly pronounced with two syllables i.e.
"WADDS-DUN". Unfortunately Alexa will only understand words as she sees them so to get her to understand us, you need to use three syllables i.e. say "WADD-DES-DUN". Annoying, but it does work, promise! 


Then click on the magnifying glass on the top right:

Type in 'WVR' in the search bar, and we'll come up on screen. Click on 'WVR' 

Before you click 'play' click 'follow'. By doing that WVR will be on the first screen whenever you start the app, and you won't have to search every time. 

Click the play button and enjoy! 

On a PC or Laptop

Just click wherever you see this symbol - it's on the top of all our pages.

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