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WVR 9th November launch.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Waddesdon Village Radio, the new Internet radio station, has announced when it will take to the air - on Monday 9th November. The classic hits station will operate from Quainton Road - it's believed that Waddesdon will be the first village in the UK with its own dedicated station. Trends in radio have changed markedly over the last decade or so, and the station definitely fits in the new genre of 'ultra local' radio. The man behind it all is Simon Guettier, a resident of Waddesdon for the last 11 years. Prior to retiring, Simon worked in the radio industry for nearly 40 years.

Simon Guettier

But the idea really came as a result of the first lockdown back in March. "I've always had a mini studio at home, because of my radio job", says Simon, "and 6 months ago I decided that for a bit of a laugh I'd start a Saturday night music and quiz show. And then, more recently, I thought - I want to make this better." Simon is quick to point out his gratitude to the Waddesdon Support Group and the help and support he has received from them since March. "I'm pretty much in self-isolation and they have been just fantastic. They deserve huge credit, and they're such nice people." So, how many staff work on this fledgling station? "Well, it's just me right now. Look, I've no idea how this is going to go ... whether people will listen or not. But I'd really love people from the village to go on air because this project should be all about our village and our residents. I've set it up so that anyone can do a show from home - and I'd really love people to have a go. I do think people will be surprised how this station is going to sound. " Time will tell. If you are interested in joining WVR - Waddesdon Village Radio - all the contact details are on this website. WVR is in test transmissions at the moment, but Simon's Saturday show - with the lockdown-inspired title of 'The Breakout' - is on every Saturday night from 5-7.

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