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Jamie Moore

Jamie was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire and took his first job ever at 16 as a DJ at a local hotel on Friday and Saturday nights. He soon got the bug for DJ’ing and began pestering local stations to get a foot in the door!

Jamie married Rachel, in 2013 after first meeting her and having a brief romance in 1991, what a fast mover!


Blending a full time day job was not easy having a young family either, in his twenties Jamie moved into nightclub DJ work often covering four nights a week. At the age of 30 Jamie ‘retired’ from the nightclub scene and his radio roles and settled down in to some serious day work which included Operations Management, Project Management and then finally Compliance/Health & Safety.

Jamie decided in November of 2020 to stop working in a role he wasn’t enjoying and to focus on positives like his love for music and radio.
So, here he is on WVR presenting the 12-2 show Monday to Friday!

jamie_moore (new)_edited.jpg
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